The flir I3. One of our most popular parts of our kit.




Raudive Diode

Konstantin Raudive (Pronounced Row-dee-vay) was a Latvian psychologist and parapsychologist who studied under Carl Yung. In the '60s he carried-out many EVP experiments and devised a method where the microphone was replaced with a germanium diode device, essentially a de-tuned 'crystal set', generating 'white noise'. This has become known as a 'Raudive Diode'.
Raudive made recordings using a 'Raudive Diode' receiver connected to the microphone socket of a tape recorder. During the recording session he asked questions, encouraging the dead to communicate with him. On playing back the tape, voices were heard on the recording. These became known as 'Raudive Voices'.
His work was published in his 1971 book 'Breakthrough'.
Raudive died in 1974.
This device re-creates two authentic Raudive Diode circuits in one unit that you can record together using any stereo recording device with a microphone socket.
Unique dual circuitry gives you two different receivers in one unit.
Simply connects to a microphone jack on a PC or tape recorder.
One receiver connects to the left channel, the other to the right.
Adaptor supplied for connecting to a mono microphone jack (mixes both signals together).
On a PC you can use software such as 'Audacity' to capture and analyse any audio you hear


Now we have the k2 meter.One of my favorit

 The K2 meter measures magnetic fields, and it's been specially calibrated for paranormal investigations. The theory behind the K2 meter is that if there's a spirit in the area, the K2 meter will pick up it's magnetic field. You can then train the spirits, supposedly, to intensify its magnetic field, therefore lighting up the lights on the meter.

Unlike the standard EMF detector, a K2 meter uses lights rather than a needle to track energy sources



 Then to old trust worthy The EMF METER
There are two basic EMF meter varieties, analog and digital. An analog EMF meter allows the user to read the results as they occur on a field that is marked by different lines and measurements. A digital EMF meter displays the results on a digital screen. Each has its own distinct advantages, with proponents of either type claiming that their chosen EMF meter is more accurate. Within these two types, there are myriad features available to the consumer, including lights that flash to signal a sudden change in electromagnetic fields, or audio noises such as chirps and beeps to indicate the same.
Outside of scientific research, electrical work and home improvement, EMF meters have grown in popularity in the pseudoscience of paranormal investigations. Although widely contested by many, it is the belief of those within this field that when a ghost or spirit is present, electromagnetic fields will change in frequency, or, more simply put, there will be a sudden spike or jolt of energy. This is the apparent reasoning behind the common sensation of hairs rising on the back of someone’s neck--that a change in the electrical currents of the air reacts with the body's own built-in sensors. As EMF meter paranormal use rises, consumers are finding that the overall cost of basic models drops, due to the rapid increase in popularity.


Next we have the cell sensor
Not quite as popular as the EMF meter but it has it use.


The CellSensor is a State-of-the-Art Cellular Phone/ELF Detection Meter. The CellSensor is a dual use meter featuring cellular phone RF radiation measurement as well as an accurate single-axis ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) meter.
Calibrated around 835 MHz, this radiation meter will detect and measure power density expressed in milliWatts per centimetre (mW/cm2) emitted by analogue or digital as well as GSM or PCS mobile phones. Two scales. High sensitivity scale 0-1 and Normal sensitivity scale 0-10 mW/cm2. EMF ELF Fields are No Longer a Mystery as the CellSensor easily detects and measures them.
An accurate and easy-to-use Gauss meter focused around 50-60 Hz EMF fields emitted by power lines, TVs, computer monitors and home appliances. Use of a remote probe with a 2 foot extension cord allows the user to reach any area while keeping an eye on field strength.
Two scales, 0-5 and 0-50 milliGauss with a relatively flat frequency response curve..

Beam Barrier Alarm. Motion Detectors

beam bar.jpg 
These project a beam across a short distance, (e.g. across a door way etc). When the beam is broken by a passing object then an alarm sounds. By locking off in an area where spirits are reported to travel and where the team can be sure there no one will be moving throughout the night it is possible to pick up paranormal movement

Usually these come in pairs. You can position them so that they shine an invisible infra-red beam across a room or doorway. When this beam is broken then an alarm is activated. Very useful.

Digital Stills Cameras


Digital Stills Cameras – PARANORMAL-LINCS use various digital stills cameras throughout an investigation. General practice when using a digital camera is "hit and hope"... that is take plenty of pictures often and at random throughout your investigations. If you hear a noise, quickly snap a pic of the area it came from, if you think you saw movement, take a pic. You never know what you may catch on a stills camera, though unfortunately it notoriously hard to catch anything at all. There are three main points when using stills cameras on investigation: 1:if you outside on a cold night, or you are smoking..Remember smoke or cold breath can look very spooky in a photo. 2:please remember that insects and dust reflect light... if it is floating and round, its probably one of these, a solid ball of light or a whispy shapeless mass may be paranormal. 3: ALWAYS CALL OUT "FLASH!".... Before you take a photo when the lights are out or you'll all be seeing orbs! Also remember to CLEAN YOUR CAMREA LENS DUST ON THE LENS WILL LOOK LIKE ORBS.
The one down fall with Digital cameras they can produce their own orbs and pixilation.

Laser Thermometer
New Infrared Ghost Hunting Laser Thermometer Haunted.jpg

Paranormal-lincs has three of these devices that are used to identify temperature differences on specific locations. Often people report the feeling of being touched and part of their body going cold. Using laser thermometers allows investigators to quickly identify if there is an actual temperature drop on the body part reported

Now The good old EPV. Electronic voice phenomena
EVP - or electronic voice phenomena - is a mysterious event in which human-sounding voices from an unknown source are heard on recording tape, in radio station noise and other electronic media. Most often, EVPs have been captured on audiotape. The mysterious voices are not heard at the time of recording; it is only when the tape is played back that the voices are heard. Sometimes amplification and noise filtering is required to hear the voices. Some EVP is more easily heard and understood than others. And they vary in gender (men and women), age (women and children), tone and emotion. They usually speak in single-words, phrases and short sentences. Sometimes they are just grunts, groans, growling and other vocal noises. EVP has been recorded speaking in various languages


Analogue recorder: Problems with noise generated by the tape hiss. But very easy to use. This is the type I prefer


Digital: problems with these they can pick up strong radio signals.

Infra Red IR lamp Night Vision Ghost Hunting Torch

Infra Red IR lamp Night Vision Ghost Hunting Torch

Infra Red Lights/Flashlights
these emit an infra-red beam of light that is invisible to the naked eye but lights up the background for any night vision equipment you may be using.

infa cam.jpg

Night Vision CCTV – Paranormal-lincs uses CCTV system with night vision connected to a laptop for real time recording . Throughout an investigation we have the four cameras set up in lock off positions to capture the areas of a location that have the most reported paranormal activity. We try and monitor the CCTV camera system throughout the investigation and always go back and review the footage after. This gives us four additional locked off cameras through the night that so far have proven to be very useful in capturing paranormal activity
"I have just seen a shadow walk past the doorway and for the log the time is.....erm?" - Yes, that's right, take a watch so you can log when things happen.
If you are in a group of people who have all split up and are scattered throughout a building, it is always a good idea to be able to keep in touch with the other .

Talcum Powder/ Flour etc
Good for sprinkling around an area to detect any footprints or marks (ghostly or real) - but remember to clear up your mess afterwards.
Dowsing Rods
These are not only used for detecting underground water, but can be used to detect ghostly activity (apparently)


First Aid Kit
Yes, you will be blundering around in semi or total darkness. Chances are accidents can happen!


Thermos Flask, Extra Clothing & Refreshments
Yep - it can be a long, cold and thirsty night.
We do carry more equipment but these list is our basic ghost hunting kit.


There is one more item that as important as all of the above. THE MIND (brain) Keep it open and DEBUNK what’s left could be the ghost we are all looking for.